AEC is a full member of IABP
AEC in Asia

AEC combats blindness in Asia together with local doctors and nurses. AEC works in accordance with tested protocols and medical procedures. This enables our highly experienced teams of ophthalmologists and surgical assistants to treat and operate on blind patients even under the most demanding circumstances. In addition, AEC gives considerable attention to training and the transfer of knowledge.



Total estimated number of blind people: 150,000

In terms of development cooperation, an important objective of a medical organization like AEC is to make itself redundant and transfer its tasks to local colleagues as soon as possible. In Cambodia, we are on the right track in this respect. Ever since May 2000, thirty doctors and nurses were trained in the Pursat province. […]


Total estimated number of blind people: 9,000,000

AEC is invited to carry out ophthalmic programs in the provinces of Xinjiang, Inner-Mongolia, Yunnan and Gansu. In these poorest western provinces there is a total lack of eye care and for this reason, we do our utmost to raise funds so that we can come into action here, too. Information from the World Health […]


Total estimated number of blind people: 65,000

AEC has been active in Laos since October 2007. From 9 to 20 January 2018, we worked in the Champasak Provincial Hospital (CPH) in Pakse, within the context of the AEC Collaborative Ophthalmic Training Program for Southern Laos.. In addition, at the invitation of the Ophthalmic Center of the Ministry of Health in Vientiane, AEC […]


Total estimated number of blind people: 300,000

In 2008, AEC was one of the few foreign organizations to receive permission to provide eye care in Myanmar. In doing so, AEC collaborated with the Insein General Hospital, the North Okkalapa General Hospital, the Thingankyun General Hospital and the Yangon Eye Hospital. And also with Doctors without Borders-Holland. Within the context of the AEC […]


Total estimated number of blind people: 400,000

Presently, AEC studies the needs and possibilities in Thailand. In collaboration with the University of Khon Kaen, an inventory is made of the eye care situation in the countryside of North-East Thailand. Further, the AEC Regional Office is established in Bangkok (contact: Ms. Lalitha Houtman Srinivas, AEC regional representative). This office maintains the local contacts […]


Total estimated number of blind people: 430,000

AEC has been active in Vietnam ever since 2000. Since then, 2,000 eye surgeries have been performed and more than USD 135,000 has been donated in the form of medicines, materials and instruments. In Vietnam, AEC collaborates with, inter alia, the Ministry of Health, the Choray hospital, ICCO/Implusis and the Dutch Consulate-General in Ho Chi […]