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BLOGHere you can read about what is going on with Asian Eye Care. Besides news you can find reports from the field and portraits from our patients and volunteers.

Our patients: Mrs. Mone (73) hates to be dependent

Mrs. Mone from the village of More has worked in the fields her whole life, and she also takes care of the household. She is not the type that complains and also when she noticed that her eyesight was gradually deteriorating, she was not easily daunted. But it was difficult for her to accept that […]

Our patients: Mrs. Obma (70) enjoys her daily routine

The life of Mrs. Obma’s, from Haykham, had always been fully absorbed by her housekeeping. As a mother of eight children, she did not have much choice either; this is probably the life she was meant to live. That is why her family means everything to her and now that she has turned almost completely […]

Our patients: Mr. Bounmi (63) felt lonesome for a long time

Mr. Bounmi from Sapansay knows exactly how he felt when he realized that he was gradually going blind: lonesome and helpless. He was reduced from a valued technician to an invalid, pitiful person. Although he did not live far from the hospital, for a very long time he had been reluctant to see a doctor. […]

Our patients: Mr. Yimpan (56) can finally do business again

As a business man, Mr. Impan from Donalankhan had always been quite successful. It enabled him to support his family, until the sight in both his eyes deteriorated because of cataract. Eventually, he hardly couldn’t see anything. He had to give up his business and could only go outdoors when accompanied by family. Mr. Impan […]


Mr Orta knows how important it is to see clearly, because in the past he had worked for many years as a tuktuk driver in Pakse. Now he lives in Tahin, a village just outside Pakse. Since 3 years, Mr Orta has been seeing gradually less through his left eye, which proved to have been […]