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BLOGHere you can read about what is going on with Asian Eye Care. Besides news you can find reports from the field and portraits from our patients and volunteers.

Our patients: Mr. Tongbai is full of hope again

Mr. Tongbai, 67 years old and father of five children, was a proud official in his village of Fungdeang, about 15 km from Pakse. He was a devoted worker. Not long before his retirement his eye trouble started and in one year’s time, his eyesight had become so poor that he was no longer able […]

Our patients: Mr. Sa heard about the AEC visit on the radio

You wouldn’t believe he was already 73, Mr. Sa. His entire life he has lived in the village of Yong, where he and his wife have raised six children. Mr. Sa has always been a rice and mango farmer. Even though he reached the retirement age a long time ago, he hoped he could continue […]

Our patients: Mr. Did is referred to another hospital

In een tijdsbestek van ongeveer zes maanden verloor meneer Did (72), gepensioneerd boer uit het dorp Muang, het zicht in zijn rechteroog. Hij maakte zich daar grote zorgen over, maar tegelijkertijd leek hij zich er ook bij neer te leggen. Staar komt immers zo vaak voor bij ouderen in zijn omgeving. Natuurlijk kun je ermee […]

Our patients: Mr. Guoragang is going to enjoy his pension

As a primary school principal in the village of Nakaew and father of as many as 10 children, Mr. Guoragang has always led an active life. He is 68 now and has just had his left eye operated on. A couple of years ago, his other eye was operated on. The cataract made him stop […]