Onze patiënten: Meneer Did moet worden doorverwezen

Within about six months Mr. Did (72), a retired farmer from the village of Muang, lost sight in his right eye. He was quite worried about that, but at the same time he seemed to reconcile himself to it. After all, in his environment cataract is so common among elderly people. Of course, he could go to a hospital and have his eye operated upon, but something stopped him from doing so. When a friend told him about Asian Eye Care, he became curious, though. Would AEC be able to help him? He overcame his reluctance and had his eye examined in the eye clinic of the Champasak Provincial Hospital. Now he has just had his operation. Unfortunately, the operation had not the outcome everyone had hoped for. The eye surgeon encountered a complication for which Mr. Did should go to a more specialized eye hospital, in the capital of Vientiane. An enormous disappointment, Mr. Did does not yet know whether he wants to take that step. The nurse of the Champasak Provincial Hospital encourages him to go to Vientiane. Mr. Did will consider this seriously, but he will first have to come to terms with this disappointment, together with his family that accompanied him to Champasak.