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BLOGHere you can read about what is going on with Asian Eye Care. Besides news you can find reports from the field and portraits from our patients and volunteers.


With his family, Mr Kikeo lives in another province, called Salavan (40 miles away) and he travelled all the way to Pakse especially to be examined by the medics of Asian Eye Care. His family possesses a piece of land in Salavan, where they grow rice, among other things. Because Mr Kikeo is already very […]


Mr Khampoune lives about 20 miles away from Pakse and works together with his wife and daughter as farmers on a piece of land. Since 3 years he has been seeing less through his right eye and it is becoming increasingly hard for him to endure bright sunlight, a frequently occurring condition in cataract patients, […]


Mr Sonnlite did not know what happened to him when the bandage was removed from his left eye! Since a couple of years, he had been seeing gradually less through both eyes, so that his wife had to look after him. Mr Sonnlite works as an official in Veunkain, a district that is as far […]


Mrs Soumaly, 75 years, lives with her family in Phonsikay. In 2017, her eyesight gradually declined to such an extent that her daughter had to look after her. At first, she thought that nothing could be done about her poor sight, until her daughter (a nurse) persuaded her to go to an Asian Eye Care […]

Our patients: Wan (60) can see ants again

Wan, a 60 years old lady from Ban Ketchy, gradually lost her eyesight since June 2013. The loss of sight made her very unhappy, she could no longer fend for herself and was trapped in her own house. Fortunately, she had someone to look after her, but most people did not know how to deal […]

AEC back from Myanmar

In October 2016, AEC was invited to expand the program to Mandalay. After the necessary preparations, AEC has been able to do a lot of work with two medical teams in Myanmar in the period from 22 September to 7 October 2017, in respectively the Yangon Eye Hospital and the Mandalay Eye and ENT Hospital. […]

OUR PATIENTS: Khamvang (63), one to go

Mr. KHAMVANG is from Ban Naway, a small peaceful village in the province of Champasak in the South of Laos. About 18 months ago he noticed, to his panic, that his eyesight was slowly getting cloudy. His work as carpenter would eventually become impossible to him. How would he be able to do his job […]

Our patients: Poon, 66 years, is happy again

Poon is a 66 years old woman who lives in Ban Nalaan, a village in the south of Laos. Within one year, her eye sight has gone rapidly downhill. Especially her right eye deteriorated quickly. Of course, she worried about this a great deal, and although she received a lot of support from the people […]

Our patients: Pokhai (60) the happiest man in Laos

Mr. POKHAI is a 60 years old local from Ban Nounson, a small village in the province of Champasak in South Laos. About one year ago, Pokhai slowly became blind. Life became very difficult for him. Walking and even eating; for everything, Pokhai became dependent on the help from others. Both an ophthalmic nurse and […]

Our patients: Boutsi (74) an old friend

Boutsi, a brisk elderly man from Ban Nondou, is well-known to AEC. Five years ago, one of his eyes was operated on by us and now, the other one needed treatment. Before he was operated on for the first time, he had become very depressed because of his loss of sight. Although he knew that […]

OUR PATIENTS: Sisamouth (68) next year the other one

Mr. SISAMOUTH is a 68 years old local from Ban Sikai, a small village in the province of Champasak in the South of Laos. Sisamouth told that, only a couple of months ago, the sight in both eyes started to get cloudy. Especially during the day, while at work in the fields as farmer, he […]

Our patients: Mey Soon (75)

Ms. Mey Soon, a 75 year old inhabitant of Ban Wunsai, a small village in South Laos, remembers very well how quickly the sight in both her eyes had deteriorated within one year, so that she couldn't perform even the simplest tasks. She could no longer look after the grandchildren, which she had always loved […]

Our patients: Iwuyi (69)

The 69 year old Mr. Iwuyi from Ban Sammonnuy lost all courage when his eyesight gradually deteriorated within a period of two years. How could he continue his work as a fisherman and so contribute to the family income? How great his relief and confidence were when Mr. Iwuyi heard that the skilled ophthalmologists of […]

Our patients: Kay Si (66)

At first, Ms. Kay Si, a 66 year old inhabitant of Ban Kampeng did not notice how she gradually lost sight in both eyes. But the fog grew more and more dense, until she could no longer see her beloved daughter. Neither could she clearly see the food that she wanted to prepare for her […]

Our patients: Budphon (73)

Mr. Budphon, a 73-year old entrepreneur in the timber business from Fan Kankhung, was busy working when he quite suddenly became blind. That was about 6 months ago. What about his work now that he couldn't even get there by himself? Mr. Budphon became entirely dependent upon his family. Fortunately, his son, a doctor working […]

Our patients: Thongsi (64)

Within a period of three years, the sight in both eyes of Ms. Thongsi, a 64-year old inhabitant of Ban Sanamsay, grew worse and worse. Within her family, she met with little understanding. It made her very sad to feel that relatives had not much patience with her worsening handicap. Immediately after the surgery, when […]

Our patients: Kinsayt (60) can work the fields again

Kinsayt Toncam is a 60 years old farmer from Ban Singsampan, a profession that is hard to carry out for a blind person. Initially, when his eyesight started to blur, he could manage for a while with glasses. However, after four pairs in one year, there was the unavoidable diagnosis that he had cataract, and […]

Our patients: Saiyi (82), an end to her suffering

Ms. Saiyi is an 82 year old inhabitant of a village 40 kilometers from Pakse, in the Province of Champasak in the South of Laos. Two years ago she gradually became blind in both of her eyes. How endlessly long her days were; not being able to do anything, to contribute to the family life. […]

Our patients: Soubin, 20 years, a second chance

Soubin is from Ban Selaban, a small village in the south of Laos, and being only 20 years old, she is one of the younger patients of Asian Eye Care (AEC). From the age of eight, she gradually became blind in both eyes and, accordingly, had to give up many things. She could help her […]

AEC in Myanmar

AEC visited Myanmar for the first time in January 2008, at the invitation of the Burmese government, to discuss the possibilities of collaboration. During this working visit, it was agreed upon that the AEC input would be directed to eye care and eye surgeries, ophthalmic training and improvement of ophthalmic facilities. For this, AEC collaborates […]

AEC in Laos

AEC has been active in Laos since October 2007. From 9 to 20 January 2018, we worked in the Champasak Provincial Hospital (CPH) in Pakse, within the context of the AEC Collaborative Ophthalmic Training Program for Southern Laos. In addition, at the invitation of the Ophthalmic Center of the Ministry of Health in Vientiane, AEC […]