Our patients: Mrs. Nalon reconciled herself to her poor eyesight

Mrs. Nalon from the village of Sokamnya is a housewife and mother of five children. She is 67 and all but blind in one eye. Her other eye is also affected by a beginning cataract. At first she did not want to worry too much about it. So many people of her age were affected by cataract, it is more or less inherent to growing old, she thought. And her family was careful, so she had reconciled herself to the situation. When a friend of hers had her eye successfully operated on, Mrs. Nalon was also interested. And when she moreover heard on the local radio that the Pakse eye hospital was to be visited by the AEC team, she had made up her mind. And she has never regretted it. What a huge difference it makes! After the operation, she could clearly discern all small things around her again. She is still a little tired from the journey to the hospital and the operation, though, so she will have to take some rest first. But she is extremely happy that she made this step and whenever she gets the chance, she will have her other eye operated on as well. No doubt about that!