Our patients: Mr. Boumma (57) is happy to pick up his work again

Together with his wife and five children, Mr. Boumma lives in Nalom, a village about 20 km from Pakse. He has a nice job at a national petrol company, a job that he had worked hard for to get and that gives him status. The last thing he wanted was lose his job because of his progressing blindness. Yet this was becoming more and more a reality to him. With one lazy eye and the other eye getting worse with cataract, there was very little perspective to him. This is what often depressed Mr. Boumma. His future did not look very bright. Fortunately, via Facebook he happened to come across Asian Eye Care. This made him end up on the operation table of the eye clinic of the Champasak Provincial Hospital in Pakse. The result was stunning, it was literally an eye opener to him. What a delight to be able to see everything sharp and clearly again! And a relief that this will safeguard his labor position. Because all he wants is start working again at the petrol company. He can pick up his old daily routine again. That means much to him, and also to his family.