Our patients: Mr. Tongbai is full of hope again

Mr. Tongbai, 67 years old and father of five children, was a proud official in his village of Fungdeang, about 15 km from Pakse. He was a devoted worker. Not long before his retirement his eye trouble started and in one year’s time, his eyesight had become so poor that he was no longer able to work. When he thinks back of that period, Mr. Tongbai cannot hold back the tears. How sad he was back then! He had become depressed and was quite desperate. His whole world seemed to collapse. Fortunately, his cousin happened to work in the Champasak Provincial Hospital and when he told Mr. Tongbai that AEC was coming to Pakse, Mr. Tongbai mustered courage. Would AEC then be able to help him? He went to the hospital and was operated upon right away. How happy he felt when the bandage was removed from his eye and he could see the signs on the E card on the wall clearly again! It feels as if he is in control of his life again and he cannot find the words to express his bliss. By now, he is retired, but that no longer bothers him. He looks forward to spending more time with his family from now on.