Our patients: Mr. Sa heard about the AEC visit on the radio

You wouldn’t believe he was already 73, Mr. Sa. His entire life he has lived in the village of Yong, where he and his wife have raised six children. Mr. Sa has always been a rice and mango farmer. Even though he reached the retirement age a long time ago, he hoped he could continue farming for a few more years. However, cataract in both eyes thwarted this hope. This was a heavy blow to him, because from now on he depended on the care from others. By now, Mr. Sa has been operated on twice in the Champasak Provincial Hospital. On the radio, he had heard that an AEC team was to perform eye surgeries in the eye hospital. He is very happy that he had decided to go to the hospital in the first place. The first thing he saw after his second operation was the E card on the waiting room wall. Before the operation, he only saw a vague spot, but now he was able to distinguish the different signs. Mr. Sa is beaming with happiness and feels reborn. He wants to go back into the fields right away, but he also wants to enjoy his family as much as possible.