Our patients: Mr. Guoragang is going to enjoy his pension

As a primary school principal in the village of Nakaew and father of as many as 10 children, Mr. Guoragang has always led an active life. He is 68 now and has just had his left eye operated on. A couple of years ago, his other eye was operated on. The cataract made him stop working sooner than he had hoped for. That was a big disappointment, he had imagined a different retirement. Instead of looking after others, others had to look after him now. Although he took his fate with dignity, deep inside his pride was broken. When he happened to visit the hospital one day, a doctor informed him that Asian Eye Care was coming to Pakse for a series of cataract operations. One thing led to another and Mr. Guoragang had his right eye operated on by AEC. This year he returned for his left eye, encouraged by his family. And he does not regret this! How he loves seeing everything clearly again. Meanwhile, he has retired from the school. It is now time to really start enjoying his pension. No more school administration, no more time tables. Mr. Guoragang is now going to spend time on his vegetable garden and his great hobby: farming chicken and ducks.