Our patients: Pokhai (60) the happiest man in Laos

Mr. POKHAI is a 60 years old local from Ban Nounson, a small village in the province of Champasak in South Laos.
About one year ago, Pokhai slowly became blind. Life became very difficult for him. Walking and even eating; for everything, Pokhai became dependent on the help from others. Both an ophthalmic nurse and his family convinced him of the need to visit the Champasak Provincial Hospital in Pakse and be treated by the surgical team of Asian Eye Care. At first, Pokhai hesitated. He believed that there was a great chance that the treatment would not succeed. Just imagine how happy he is now! After the surgery, he rediscovered his environment and he can pick up his work again in the rice fields around Ban Nounsan. Pokhai is the happiest man in whole Laos!