Our patients: Mrs. Mone (73) hates to be dependent

Mrs. Mone from the village of More has worked in the fields her whole life, and she also takes care of the household. She is not the type that complains and also when she noticed that her eyesight was gradually deteriorating, she was not easily daunted. But it was difficult for her to accept that she became more and more dependent on her husband and son. And she also worried about the costs for medical care. How could she ever pay for all that? She was gloomy about the future. This changed when a friend of hers told her that Asian Eye Care was coming to Pakse. This was also announced on the radio. Somehow, she was confident that everything would turn out fine. After her right eye had been treated, one year ago, Mrs. Mone’s left eye was operated on, with success. Moreover, she did not have to pay anything for her treatment. How great to be able to see everything clearly again! Having regained her eyesight, she can do her own things again. She no longer depends on support from others and this makes her both proud and thankful.