Our patients: Mr. Ngoead (62) had not much to lose

Mr. Ngoead, who has lived in the village of Vangtao all his life, had more or less reconciled himself to his handicap. Within five years, the eyesight in both his eyes had deteriorated so much, that his family had to help him with everything he did. This often made him feel very sad. When a couple of years ago he heard on the radio that he could have his eyes examined at the Champasak Provincial Hospital in Pakse, he persuaded himself to do so. After all, he had nothing to lose. His right eye was operated on then and how relieved he was when it could see well again. Therefore, he did not hesitate any moment to have his other eye operated on as well. When the bandage was removed from his left eye, he enjoyed the light that he saw and felt indescribably happy. He also felt much more energetic and younger, now that he no longer needed his family’s help for everything. He now wants to contribute to the family life again. Before he had turned blind, he was a farmer. Mr. Ngoead feels like returning to his farmer’s life again, into the rice fields.