Our patients: Mrs. Obma (70) enjoys her daily routine

The life of Mrs. Obma’s, from Haykham, had always been fully absorbed by her housekeeping. As a mother of eight children, she did not have much choice either; this is probably the life she was meant to live. That is why her family means everything to her and now that she has turned almost completely blind within a few years, she is taken good care of by her husband and eldest daughter. She feels everything but happy, though, because she has lost control of her life. So when she heard on the local radio that Asian Eye Care was coming to the Pakse hospital, Mrs. Obma was determined to go there. After one eye had successfully been operated on first, the other eye was scheduled for this year. She was not at all reluctant to go for her second operation, she was confident that this operation would be successful, too. And so it was. The first thing she saw after her operation was a picture on the wall. Instead of a hazy spot, she now saw a sharp image. Mrs. Obma was overjoyed. By now, she has resumed her position in the family and fully enjoys life again.