Our patients: Mr. Onhthong does not give in too easily

Mr. Onhthong lives in Xaisawaang, a village just outside Pakse. Although he is 65 and his pension is drawing near, it made him sad when he could no longer do his job properly because of his cataract. Mr. Onhthong is a teacher at a military academy and he is proud of what he has achieved. Because of the cataract, which affected his left eye in particular, the quality of his work decreased. Also, he no longer dared to drive his car. This made him desperate sometimes. However, he was not going to let his head hang down. And since he knew how to use social media, he searched for help on the internet. Via Facebook he found out that an Asian Eye Care team would visit the eye clinic of the Champasak Provincial Hospital. Mr. Onhthong did not hesitate a second and went to the hospital. Immediately after his operation, he saw the E card hanging in the waiting room and was delighted that he could distinguish the signs on that card again! He is almost retiring but now that his eyesight is good again, he knows what he is going to do: enjoy his family. They supported him so well when he had cataract, now he wants to be there for them.