Our patients: Thongsi (64)

Within a period of three years, the sight in both eyes of Ms. Thongsi, a 64-year old inhabitant of Ban Sanamsay, grew worse and worse. Within her family, she met with little understanding. It made her very sad to feel that relatives had not much patience with her worsening handicap. Immediately after the surgery, when it turned out that she had cured, she received support and understanding from her family again. She had dreaded old age and felt useless and isolated. She had heard of the existence of the Asian Eye Care team already in 2013, but this had not yet resulted in a treatment. But in November 2014 the skilled team of ophthalmologists treated Ms. Thongsi. Her joy was indescribable when she was able to see clearly again after the surgery. She felt full of energy and actually reborn! And now she can resume her work as tailor and so contribute to the family income. She thanks the entire AEC team with a heartfelt wai.