Already from a very young age, Mr Tan (46) leads the life of a seriously handicapped person: he is not longer than 1,10 m, has a misshaped torso and because of his clupfeet and misshaped legs he is forced to walk on the sides of his feet. Fortunately, Mr Tan has family members to look after him. Since one year, the eyesight in both his eyes has weakened – an additional handicap that makes him even more dependent on his environment. Because he proved to suffer from advanced cataract, we had to perform a different operation technique on him. Unfortunately, after the surgery he has difficulty in lifting his right eyelid – a very troublesome complication that does not always heal entirely. In spite of all setbacks that Mr Tan endures, he remains positive. He now sees better than he used to do and he is eager to go home to take care of his ill mother. Next week Mr Tan will return to have his left eye treated – we hope that this surgery will be more successful and wish him much luck!