Our patients: Mr. Bounmi (63) felt lonesome for a long time

Mr. Bounmi from Sapansay knows exactly how he felt when he realized that he was gradually going blind: lonesome and helpless. He was reduced from a valued technician to an invalid, pitiful person. Although he did not live far from the hospital, for a very long time he had been reluctant to see a doctor. He has no explanation for that, perhaps he considered his blindness as his fate. When he finally decided to see a doctor after all, someone at the hospital told him that Asian Eye Care would come to Pakse. This made him change his mind, and now his is very happy that he had made that decision. His right eye was operated on. And this year, AEC would come to Pakse again and so he could have his left eye operated on. He still remembers how happy he felt when the nurse removed his eye bandage and he could see everything around him clearly again. Now he is ready and full of energy to get busy again. But no longer as a technician. Together with his family, he is going to sell household products in the market place.