Our patients: Mr. Sibuan (75) feels to be part of the community again

At his old age, Mr. Sibuan from Putong, who has worked in the fields his whole life, feels more and more excluded from his family and fellow villagers. Not only is he hard of hearing, his eyesight has also deteriorated considerably over the years. He hardly noticed this at first, but at a given moment, he had become so handicapped, that his wife had to take care of him. When he realized that he had actually become a burden to his family, he felt very sad. Listening to the radio one afternoon, he heard that in November an AEC team would come to the Champasak Provincial Hospital in Pakse to do eye surgeries. Mr. Sibuan didn’t hesitate one moment and went to hospital’s eye clinic. Once the bandage was removed from his operated eye, he felt enormously relieved. He could see everything clearly again. Mr. Sibuan was overjoyed with this change. Now, his wife no longer needs to look after him all day. And he can make himself useful again in and around the house. And he can really enjoy his pension for the very first time.