Our patients: Mr. Yimpan (56) can finally do business again

As a business man, Mr. Impan from Donalankhan had always been quite successful. It enabled him to support his family, until the sight in both his eyes deteriorated because of cataract. Eventually, he hardly couldn’t see anything. He had to give up his business and could only go outdoors when accompanied by family. Mr. Impan hated the idea of being dependent on others and that made him feel sad. He no longer felt like going outdoors at all. Fortunately, he listened to his brother’s advice, who had heard on the radio about the visit of a foreign ophthalmological team: “Why don’t you go to the hospital and have your eyes examined? If your eye disease is curable, you may get back your former life”. And so it happened that Mr. Impan showed up at the Pakse eye hospital, where his left eye was operated on. Life smiled upon him again directly. When he heard that AEC would visit Pakse again this year, he didn’t think twice. And now his right eye has been operated on. Mr. Impan is beaming with happiness and intends to pick up his business again, together with his wife. He feels that he counts again in life.