Mrs Bie has had a long journey when she arrives at the eye clinic in Pakse! Together with her husband, she lives in a village 70 miles away, near the Thai border. There, they work together on the piece of land of their own farm and look after a lot of animals. However, because of her weakening eyesight, she could no longer work on the farm last year and so her husband had to do most of the work on his own. Via her daughter, who lives in Vientiane, she heard about Asian Eye Care. Because her husband had to stay on the farm, she travelled on her own to Pakse yesterday. We carried out a phaco-emulsification surgery in her left eye, and her visus has improved enormously! Today, she travels back to her village again and can tell her husband that she can rejoin him in the farm work! After a while, hospital staff will visit her in the province via a so-called outreach programme – Mrs Bie will then probably have her other eye operated on. We wish Mrs Bie much luck!