Our patients: Wan (60) can see ants again

Wan, a 60 years old lady from Ban Ketchy, gradually lost her eyesight since June 2013. The loss of sight made her very unhappy, she could no longer fend for herself and was trapped in her own house. Fortunately, she had someone to look after her, but most people did not know how to deal with her. Her elder brother advised her to visit the AEC clinic in Pakse, which she did, full of confidence.

In Pakse, Wan had both eyes operated on by AEC, in two consecutive days. When the bandage was removed, after the second surgery, she was delighted to be able to see everything around her again. Of course, she was also very happy to be able to see her brother again, but she also looks at ants in an almost childish wonder. She is very happy with this enormous improvement of her life and looks forward to the future with a smile.